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MOLDYFUN USA has a HUGE range of cool Silicone Cake Molds | Chocolate Molds | Ice Molds | Resin molds ... buy now @MOLDYFUNUSA.COM
Moldyfun USA has a huge range of cool silicone cake molds... buy now! @MOLDYFUNUSA.COM
Party Ring biscuit cake using a silicone cake mould

Celebrate with a Giant Party Ring Mold - Perfection in a Cake!

According to Tom Pannett, MD of MoldyfunUSA.com, Party Rings can make the world go round. Here he describes why they're one of his favorites and how you can make a giant Party Ring cake using one of MoldyfunUSA's baking molds.

The Party Ring biscuit is a firm favorite for kids parties in the UK. Our giant Party Ring silicone cake mold is the perfect way to celebrate someone's love of the famous biscuit snack! And if you're anything like me, it will be yours as much as your children's!

Party Rings biscuits were a product of 1980's fashion (think garish, clashing colors!) for the newly developed chemical food dye system. This enabled more lavish colors to be incorporated into the manufacture of biscuits, allowing those famous colors to be used. This made them a very popular choice for children's parties (kids love those colors right?). More recently, Party Rings have adopted softer, paler colors although the original colors are my favorites!!

The design of the Party Ring biscuit comprises a unique hexagon middle (not round despite the name "ring"!), as well as lines offset at angles from flat edges in six parts around the hexagon middle as shown below. All these features are faithfully included in our unique giant silicone cake mold version.

To finish off the design there is the iconic icing top which features using two colors comprising the base color and strips in white icing with "feathering" effect.

The original colors when Party Rings were originally released were: pink icing with white lines, orange icing with white lines, brown icing with white lines, beige icing with brown line, yellow icing with pink lines. 

The beige and brown icing Party Ring biscuits have since been discontinued and they later introduced new color combinations: pink icing with yellow lines, purple icing with yellow lines, white icing with pink lines.

If you're determined to make a realistic giant party ring or make up your own unique color combinations the choice is yours! We're here to help/

Why not go ahead and buy one of our cool silicone cake molds to delight all the kids at your child's birthday party, or to make your friends smile (with nostalgia for some!) and have fun seeing how your cake compares with original Party Ring biscuits!

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