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Moldyfun USA has a huge range of cool silicone cake molds... buy now! @MOLDYFUNUSA.COM
silicone mould spray

Using non-stick silicone mould spray


Tom Pannett
Managing Director

This is a regular question we get from customers.

There are actually many types of non-stick spray so it can be a bit confusing which one to use. 

We recommend a non odour/low fat spray for ensuring best results.

The hassle of not using the spray is getting a cake mix that when cooked cannot easily be removed from the mold....

This is critical for ensuring perfect 'de-molding' , especially for the more intricate chocolates and cakes designs to remain intact. 

You can of course make a spray but this is a faff and can not always guarantee even distribution.

A purchased spray is usually a better alternative, as it is quicker, cleaner and can be re-used over and over again.


We recommend that you evenly apply the spray on the inside of the mold, taking time to cover the contours of the patterns of the mold, for example the fronds on the custard cream mold.


So in conclusion, we recommend for best results with our molds you apply non-stick spray to avoid disappointment of an imperfect finish (we've all been there at some time right?!).

We're always happy to help, if you have any questions about this or any other points contact us at sales@moldyfun.com we're always there to answer any question big or small you may have.

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