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MOLDYFUN USA has a HUGE range of cool Silicone Cake Molds | Chocolate Molds | Ice Molds | Resin molds ... buy now @MOLDYFUNUSA.COM
Moldyfun USA has a huge range of cool silicone cake molds... buy now! @MOLDYFUNUSA.COM

MoldyfunUSA 3D Star Wars R2D2 ice mold

3D Star Wars R2D2 ice mold

Don't forget Star Wars Day, May 4th!

Our silicone ice cube molds are great for creating stunning ice cubes to cool those drinks with cool. And when you're done with ice, try making chocolates with them too. Easy release! No more banging the tray to get the cubes out...

Moldyfun silicone cake, baking, chocolate and ice molds are:

  • Made of flexible, long-lasting, quality 100% food grade materials. BPA free, FDA approved.
  • Heat resistant, with a max. temperature limit: 230° C, 450° F
  • Freezer safe, with a low temperature limit: -40° C, -40 ° F>
  • Microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe
  • Non-stick, although with cakes we advise using a non-stick spray with the silicone cake molds to make removing cakes that bit easier.

All measurements and weights are approximate.

Our silicone baking molds enable you to unleash the creative cook inside you! Use our novelty molds to make cakes, ice cubes, or chocolate shapes.

Check out our blog for stories, ideas and histories of fun silicone baking molds, cakes and more.

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